COVID-19 RT-qPCR test Kits

Livogen pharmed as a knowledge enterprise in the field of biotechnology was founded in 2004. A team of motivated and highly skilled scientists along with the modern facilities and qualified infrastructure shape this company as the unique organization in Iran. Livogen Pharmed tries to deliver high quality products, offers a wide range of off-the-shell and customized assays and accelerates the novel ideas to enter the market

Our Products

Host Cell DNA (HCD) Detection Kits

  1. HCD CHO/BHK Quantitation Kit
  2. HCD E.coli Quantitation Kit
  3. HCD Yeast Quantitation Kit
  4. HCD NS0 Quantitation Kit
  5. HCD Sp2/0 Quantitation Kit


2019-nCoV RT-qPCR Detection Kit

  1. Duplex
  2. Multiplex