Quantitative / Qualitative Determination of biological contamination

Eukaryotic cell cultures, blood and blood component samples, buffers, and all the biological materials are always susceptible to be contaminated with various agents such as mycoplasma, bacteria, and viruses. In biopharmaceutical industry, delayed detection or missing these contaminations could dramatically result in inconsistent results, wasting the products or fatal consequences. Livogen Pharmed offers flexible contamination detection packages providing rapid and sensitive real-time PCR-based and culture based analysis for (bio)pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology research centers, and cellular and molecular institutes. The obtained results are carefully interpreted by our experts and presented as a full report along with certificate of analysis.

The current packages of contamination detection including:

  • Detection of Mycoplasma contamination using real-time PCR and culturing method
  • Rapid detection of Bacterial (Escherichia coli and Treponema pallidum) contamination using real-time PCR
  • Rapid detection of Viral (HIV, HBV, HCV, and HTLV) contamination using real-time PCR

Livogen Pharmed is ready to provide you professional consults for choosing appropriate assays, sample preparation and shipment condition. Moreover, the R&D team is able to set up and validate the customized package of assays for determining potential contaminations.

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