mass spectrometry

Livogen Pharmed is a first company which provides mass spectrometry services under the brand of Mass Center in Iran. Mass Center serves a broad range of mass spectrometric services to the actors in the life sciences in Iran. Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool to accelerate, improve and reduce the costs associated with research and development and we hope to address the specific needs for the MS based high quality analysis. Having the expert service providers as our partners, enables us to consistently deliver MS services to our customers in the reasonable timeline with the highest quality. Our power is customizing the assays to address the customer’s specific concerns and needs, ensuring that an appropriate testing plan is designed for the enquiry. The recommended services are listed for performing the comparability analysis between branded and biosimilar samples:

Mass Spectrometry Services:

  • Protein/Lipid/Carbohydrate/Metabolite/Small molecules
  • HDX-MS structural analysis
  • PTMs analysis
  • Glycosylation analysis
  • Exact mass determination/Intact molecule analysis
  • Targeted quantification (SRM)
  • N/C-terminal sequencing
  • Label free Quantification/Labeling Quantification identification
  • Protein epitope mapping/Affinity-purification mass spectrometry
  • Identification of organism(s)
  • Clinical researches and Drug R&D
  • Various Software Analysis
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